Animals in the American Popular Imagination Conference

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Animals in the American Popular Imagination

Virtual conference 13-16 September 2022

This international conference is focused on the representation of animals and human-animal relations in American popular culture, in all its forms, across media, past and present. The program is organized and hosted by the PopMeC Association for US Popular Culture Studies and the Austrian Association for Cultural Studies, Cultural History, and Popular Culture.

Keynotes (dates TBA)
Brett Mills (Edge Hill University)
Christy Tidwell (South Dakota School of Mines & Technology)

Cryptozoology: Gregory Forth (University of Alberta), Samantha Hurn (University of Exeter), Darren Naish–moderated by Margo DeMello (Carroll College)
Videogames and digital spaces: Melissa Bianchi (Halmos College of Arts and Sciences), Seth Giddings (University of Southampton), Jason Wallin (University of Alberta), Lauren Woolbright (Alma College)


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Organizers: Michael Fuchs and Anna Marta Marini

Assistant organizer: Dina Pedro

Advisory committee: Trang Dang, Ester Díaz, Mónica Fernández Jiménez, Dolores Resano, Alejandro Rivero Vadillo