Making the Gothic

Manolo Munguía
After studying Telecommunications Engineering in Santander, and Film Direction in Barcelona (both in Spain), Manolo Munguía worked as Director of Photography in short films such as “Colmillos de Felpa” and “Envidia”, and directed two short films with presence in International Film Festivals: “GOW” and “ROTA.” With his Directorial feature film debut H0US3, Manolo wants to warn us all about new technologies growing faster than the security applied to them: As Manolo puts it, “a smart enough 12 year-old with a laptop could get into a hotel, or log into their free wifi simply because the password is written in a post-it next to the front desk, take control of the router because nobody changed the default admin password, and sniff from there the traffic data from the hotel customers using that wifi at that moment. And all of this, while sitting in the lobby with a glass of coke.”