50+ Shades of Gothic | Program

Organizing Committee | Introduction to the series
Keynote | Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
Creator | Manolo Munguía: Making the Gothic


Keynote | David Punter
Keynote | Justin Edwards


Keynote | Evert J. van Leeuwen
Keynote | Kevin Corstorphine

Panel 1: Suburban Gothic
Mónica Fernández Jiménez | Sylvia Plath’s Uncanny Poetry: Suburban Gothic in 1950s America
Katharina Hendrickx | “Our McMansion on the River”: The Suburban Gothic House in Gone Girl and The Wife Between Us
Taryn Tavener-Smith | Lacunas, Orisons, and Attics: David Mitchell’s Slade House (2015) as Gothic Locus

Panel 2: Domesticity and the Family
Sofía Martinicorena | Tracing Gothic Houses in US Culture
Kerry Gorrill | Monstrous Interiors: Domestic Space as the Ontological Terrorist of Toxic Masculinity
Andrew Sydlik | Share the Trauma: The Home as Transmitter of Disability and Psychic Pain in the Dark and the Wicked and Relic
Marko Lukic | Housing the Dead – Reinventing Postapocalyptic Domesticity

Panel 3: Dislocating Identities: The Psychology of the Gothic House
Carmen M. Méndez-García | A House to Grow Old In: Aging, Spaces and Evil in The Haunting of Hill House (2018) and American Horror Story: Murder House (2011)
Benjamin Brown | Gothicising the Home in George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead
Natalia Kapytko | Weirdness and Displacement at Home as Depicted in J.C. Oates’ Gothic Novels

Panel 4: Screening the Gothic House
Veronika Klusáková | The Dollhouse and Southern Gothic Legacy in Sharp Objects
Mónica García Morgado | One Haunted House and Three Women: I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House
Pembe Gozde Erdogan | Transnational Representation, Seriality and Adaptation: Resurrecting the Haunted House for the Netflix Era
Sandra Danneil | The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror: The Strange Site(s) of Gothic Television

Panel 5: The Ghosts of Capitalism: Neoliberalism and the State
Caitlin Duffy | Isolated Families and Spectral Surveillance in Ari Aster’s Hereditary (2018)
Conner McAleese | The Grip of It – Women and the Capitalist Invasion of Their Bodies
Amy LeBlanc | The Living Dead: Haunting Incarceration and Zombified Slavery in Sing, Unburied, Sing
Karen E Macfarlane | If you have ghosts: Haunting Neoliberal Real Estate in Paranormal Reality Series


Keynote | Enrique Ajuria Ibarra
Keynote | Maisha L. Wester

Panel 1: The African American Body
Katerina Psilopoulou | Southern Gothic and the Grotesque Body in the Works of Jesmyn Ward
Alejandro Batista | Ethnic Negotiations in Lovecraft Country: Using the Gothic to Discuss Systematic Racism in the US
Elena Apostolaki | Race, Metamorphosis, and Body Horror in HBO’s Lovecraft Country

Panel 2: Otherness, Intersectionality, and (Un)acceptance
Stephen Shapiro | Intersectional Gothic and My Favorite Thing is Monsters. Volume 2
Maria-Ana Tupan | The Outsiders’ Cities of Gothic Discontinuity
Elizabeth Abele | Celebrating a Forbidden Love: The Shape of Water as a Protest Love Story
John M Wilson Borrell | Bloodletting: An Overview of Thematic Alienation and Xenophobia in Fromsoftware’s Bloodborne


Keynote | Christy Tidwell
Keynotes | Elizabeth Parker and Michelle Poland

Panel 1: Love, Trauma, and Othering in the Ecogothic
Carolina Sánchez-Palencia | The Shape of Water (G. del Toro 2017): Cold War America as Amphibian Gothic
Alissa Burger | Ecogothic Trauma in Carmen Maria Machado, Dani, and Tamra Bonvillain’s The Low, Low Woods
Ana Cristina Baniceru | Ecophobia, the Gothic Sublime and the Puritan Female Body in The Witch (2015)
Katrina Younes | The Absent/Present African American in American Gothic Literature

Panel 2: Wilderness, the Environment and the Gothic
Sladja Blazan | The Organism as Environment: Exploring the Material within the Aesthetics of the EcoGothic in Stranger Things and Annihilation
Elizabeth Robinson | —
Brandyn Whitaker | “We will conquer this wilderness. It will not consume us”: The destruction of ‘Place’ in the Cabin Horror Genre
Alberto Andrés | Ghosts of Britain: A Hauntological Approach to Contemporary American Folk Horror


Keynote | Kyle W. Bishop
Keynote | Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

Panel 1: Gothic Sexuality and Eroticism
Rachel Harper | Sexuality, Danger, and the Gothic
Maya Zalbidea Paniagua | The Gothic as a Rebellion Against Social Norms in Erotic Fiction
Alba María Fuentes Muñoz | “Love will have its sacrifices”: The Evolution of Lesbian Representation in the Transmedia Web Series Adaptation of Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu
Gamze Ar | The Analysis of Netflix Series Lucifer from the Perspective of Gothic Feminism

Panel 2: Bodies, Boundaries, and the Gothic
Kirsty Worrow | When the Fox Hears the Rabbit Scream: How Zoomorphism contributes to Gothic Excess in Hannibal
Igor Juricevic | Seeing the Abject: Visual Metaphor Evidence from Batman (Detective Comics)v Superman (Action Comics)
Farah Rose Smith | Caregiving, Subversion, and the Female Disabled Body in Mary Wilkins Freeman’s Luella Miller
Paula Granda | Loving and Hating the Chokecherry Tree: The Grotesque and Its Duality in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Panel 3: Motherhood and Domestic Gender Relations
Barbara Miceli | Pathological Narcissism in a Gothic Setting: Joyce Carol Oates’s “Evil Eye”
Jessica M. Moore | The Monster Feels My Tiny Little Movements Inside: Motherhood and the Boundaries of Space in Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House
Kerry Jessica Walsh | The X Files: Monstrous Birth, Holy Mother


Keynote | Michael Howarth
Keynote | Julia Round

Panel 1: Coming of Age Narratives and the Gothic
J. Javier Torres Fernández | The Story of Coraline(s): A Gothic Coming of Age
Carmen Sofía Díaz Sánchez | Coming of Age Experiences and the Creation of Gothic Worlds in Tim Burton’s Work
Ian Downes | Becoming Gray: The Gothic of Morality as Told by Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Panel 2: Witchhood, Monstrosity, and (Anti)Hegemonic Figures
Samragngi Roy | Where Lovecraft, Sabrina and Archie’s Universes Collide: Analysing the Significance of the Gothic in Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Kristy Strange | The American Nightmare: Examining the Monstrosity of a Neoliberal Society on American Youth in Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity Duology
Chloe Campbell | Raising Hell: Female Gothic, Maternal Figures and Archetypal Depictions of the Witch in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Keynote | Xavier Aldana Reyes
Keynote | Anya Heise-von der Lippe

Panel 1: Posthumanism and Techno-gothic
Paul Mitchell | The Techno-gothic in Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
Amaya Fernández Menicucci | Technological Posthumanity and Organic Cyborgs in Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
Alejandro Rivero-Vadillo | Gothic Xenotemporalities in Reza Negarestani, Keith Tilford and Robin Mackay’s Chronosis

Panel 2: Gothic Modes in Cyber Terror
Laura Álvarez Trigo | Technology Goes Dark: Postmodern Gothic Modes in The Silence
Anni Perheentupa | Cursed Tech as a Monstrous Mask: Cyber-Gothic, Creepypasta, and the Threats of Technology
— | —