50+ Shades of Gothic | The Gothic Across Genre and Media in US Popular Culture

Conference Series

In recent years, many popular culture artifacts outside of the usual terrain of horror and the Gothic have exploited gothic modes to reveal the terrors of everyday life. Sophisticated narratives have employed gothic modes to take on disruption, questioning reality, as well as challenging the boundaries of conformity and raising issues related to xenophobia, death, social anxieties, alienation, displacement, and self-consciousness. Because of their versatility and their—more or less subtle—exploitation across media and genres, this international conference series aims at delving into the realm of gothic modes in US popular culture.

The thematic sessions are:

  • The House as Gothic Locus + The Uncanny and the US Family
  • Gothic and the Ethnic Other + Bodies and Boundaries
  • Ecogothic
  • Bodies and Boundaries + Gender, Sexuality, and the Gothic
  • Children and YA Gothic Stuff
  • Automata, Cyber Terror, and Technocratic Realities

Organizing committee: Anna Marta Marini (coordinator), Laura Álvarez Trigo, Paula Barba, Trang Dang, Mónica Fernández, Michael Fuchs, Sofía Martinicorena, Marica Orrù, and Dina Pedro.

The whole conference series will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Browsing the program, you will find the recording of their talk on each keynote’s page. You will find its recording and the descriptions of its presentations on each panel’s page. Alternatively, you can find a playlist with all the keynotes and the playlists of each thematic session at the links below.
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